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How To Maximise Your Zoodle Flavour

Published on 17 July 2019

What if we told you that you can eat your favourite dinner recipes, without the carbs? The George Forman Veggie Spiralizer makes the switch to a healthier lifestyle easier than it has ever been before!

Cutting carbs is known to be one of the most effective weight loss methods, by simply replacing traditional pasta and noodle recipes with zucchini noodles or ‘zoodles’ for a guiltfree dinner, you not only have a healthy meal packed full of nutrients, you can try out new and fun recipes.

There are so many different ways to create an exciting meal using zoodles - including stirfrys, salads and as a pasta replacement in your favourite traditional recipe. The options are endless, so we’ve put together our top three ‘zoodle’ meal ideas, that will maximise flavour and inspire you to cook healthy, delicious and FUN meals. So grab your George Foreman Veggie Spiralizer and get cooking!

Classic Meatballs and Zoodles

The good news is, with zoodles you can still enjoy your traditional family favourite recipes, guilt free. By replacing the spaghetti in your favourite meatball dish, you can still enjoy your pasta fix without the carbs.

With four unique and interchangeable blades, you can make thin, medium and thick zoodles to resemble your favourite pasta. The trick is in how you cook your zoodles, To avoid breaking your strands, it’s best to steam your zoodles with salty water for extra flavour, for approximately 2-3 minutes. 

Once the colour of your zoodles deepens, simply add your zoodles to your sauce as you would normally do with pasta, top with cheese and voilà, you have a delicious and healthy family favourite meal!

Satay Chicken Zoodles

Sometimes we forget that even our favourite Asian dishes can get a zoodle upgrade! Perfect for your weekly meal prep or healthy dinner alternative that won’t leave you feeling sluggish.

Set your spiralizer to a thin or medium blade for a stir fry noodle or to a thicker setting if you are looking to replace thick egg noodles and pop them in a steamer for roughly three minutes.

Assemble your noodle bowl separately, starting with your zoodles as the base and add in any additional veggies as you please, add your protein and drizzle sauce over the top, for an additional layer of goodness, sprinkle some sesame seeds or peanuts to finish it off.

Greek Zoodle Salad

If you are just starting out with zoodles and not quite ready to commit a whole meal to them, start out with a simple Greek zoodle salad as a side to your meal so you can experience a zoodle sneak peak.

Place your zucchini in the Veggie Spiralizer on a medium blade and spiral two zucchinis, which will provide enough zoodles for a serving of four. Once spiralized, pop your zucchini straight into your salad bowl and serve raw, for a crunchy texture.

Add in your favourite salad toppings, including cherry tomatoes, Kalamata olives, red onion and feta cheese. Finish your salad with a drizzle of olive oil and fresh lemon juice.